Thursday, 22 September 2011

Ive Been Playing

Hi fellow bloggers

Ive been absent for a while again, and I'm sorry, but i do have some new makes to share with you all. I had a lot of wooden backed stamps that were taking up way too much space, so i decided to take the stamps from the wooden blocks and store them that way, brilliant. But i was left with lots of wooden blocks and wondered if there was something i could do with them. Then i came up with the idea of making paperweights and taadaaa the following happened

I started off by sanding the wooden blocks and making sure no of the sticky residue or ink was left on them, then i painted them in variuos colours of emulsion paint and waited for it to dry. Next came a coat of pva glue with a few drops of water added, and when this was almost dry a coat of different coloured emulsion paint, and wait...............Super-De-Duper cheap crackle glaze :0)
I then decorated the blocks with flowers, dewdrops, mini pegs, split rings, feathers, ribbon, card candi etc whatever took my fancy and made them look good.
On the underside of the blocks i eiher stuck a piece of magnetic sheet so they can be used to stick notes on the fridge etc, or i added washers, screws, metal weights to give some weight and little 'legs' so they can be used as paperweights on a desk.
I am very happy with my new makes and at the moment in am so enjoying having a time away from cards and delving into other craft makes.

I am also in the process of gathering goodies to add my very 1st blog candy, this should of happened arounf my birthday at the end of july, but due to bad health ive not been around in blogland much, this will be rectified and blog candy will be here very soon.

Take Care my blogging friends
Kate xxx