Thursday, 8 October 2015

ChalkOla Markers

Hi Bloggers

I'm here with a different sort of post, I was contacted last week and asked if I would trial and review some chalk markers
They are made by ChalkOla and you can find them here on Amazon

I decided to make a little tea light holder for Christmas so I started off with a small jam jar and the markers
They are really easy to use, you shake for about 30 seconds before use then press the nib up and down on a piece of paper to get the ink into the nib, then its just like using a normal marker pen

I drew swirls & dots on the jar and lines down the tea light container and left the to dry. Drying took 5-10 minutes depending on how thick you have drawn

After wrapping ribbon round the top and fixing a big bow on, I coloured a cream button with the red chalk marker and added glitter once it was dry then stuck it to the bow centre

I really like these markers and will be using them on a lot more projects. I also need to say that when I was pumping to get the ink into the nib I placed a piece of 120gsm card under the nib. The pens say to use on non porous surfaces but the chalk on the card didn't soak through to the back and dried perfect

Well worth a try on lots of projects

Happy Crafting
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  1. Kate these look interesting. They obviously leave a very matt finish (like a blackboard?) . Have an idea for these so need two Google them now! X


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