Thursday, 14 April 2011

My Furbabies & A Lovely Surprise

Hello fellow bloggers, hope you are all doing well today. I had a lovely surprise earlier, hubby brought a huge jiffy bag upstairs to me and wondered what craft stuff i had ordered now. Well i haven't ordered anything lately so i was a bit stumped as to what it could be. On opening the bag i found a X-Cut Super Trimmer and a letter from DoCrafts magazine saying i had won one of their free giveaways :D well i am totally shocked as this is the 2nd time i have won one of their prizes like this, and i don't normally win much of anything, so a very happy me today.

Onto the other topic of my title, my furbabies. I'm sure most of you know already that we are owned by 2 rescue Staffordshire Bull Terriers. Byron has been with us since September 2008 and we estimate he is around 3 1/2yrs old, he is such a sweetie and loves nothing more than chasing a ball or relaxing. Lilli is out little fiery redhead and she will be 2 on April 28th. Lilli was born in a rescue centre close to me and me & hubs try to do as much fundraising as we can for the rescue, were it not for the wonderful Chris who owns the rescue our little Lilli wouldn't be here today, neither would hundreds of other unwanted or mistreated Stafford's. If any of you would like to read about the wonderful work that Chris does or have a look at her rescue, please visit the website
So getting back to my furbabies. They were sharing the sofa with hubs earlier and he whispered that there was an ideal photo opportunity. So i gently stood up and wandered over, camera in hand, and snapped this gorgeous photo.

This to me a a very special photo, as normally Byron doesn't like to cuddle up to Lilli so this was a very rare snuggle.

Kate xxx

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  1. aaaawww they are adorable and well done on your win,x


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