Monday, 20 December 2010

My 1st Post

Well, here's my 1st post on my new blog. Don't really know what to say except hello and welcome, I'm all new to this blogging thingy.
I hope to be able to put some of my card creations on here and to get all of  your comments on what you think of them.

Its been very cold here today ,-6, but we still have no snow. I really want some snow so i can go in the garden and play with my beloved furbies (dogs) Byron & Lilli, they love the snow, especially catching snowballs. Maybe we will get snow on Christmas Day, that would be great.

I hope that SantieClaus brings all my crafting friends the crafting goodies they are hoping for and if not, well there's always the January sales :D.

Thats it for now, keep safe and warm xxx


  1. hi kate,you are off to a great start,x

  2. Hi Kate, good luck with your blog & feel free to visit mine any time,
    Sally x

  3. Well done on starting your blog. I have become a follower. Feel free to visit mine sometime. x

  4. hiya kate,good start to your blog, will keep on having a mooch, happy crimbo lmn x


xx thank you for all your comments xx